Saturday ride. Thanks to Canyon Bicycles for the support



2015 Team Signups

We are coming off of a great season with many accomplishments, and most importantly, we made some good memories! Now it’s time to do it all over again. We’ve have a new shop sponsor for this upcoming season, and we’ve developed a fresh new kit design.

What are the benefits of riding with Premier Credit?

  • Usage of the team trailer at all major events
  • Team nights at Canyon Bicycles with team-exclusive deals
  • Discounts on service and products at Canyon Bicycles (up to 15% off)
  • 10% accessories credit on any new bike purchase
  • Monthly team-only deals from Canyon Bicycles
  • Team winter training camp in St. George/Vegas/AZ (actual location TBD, but it will be WARM)
  • End of season party
  • 50% off bike fits from Precision Bike Fit
  • 30% off on bulk CarboRocket purchases
  • Discount on Endurance360 products
  • Discounted rates for Plan7’s House of Watts
  • Opportunities to volunteer at races and various events

We are excited to be working with Canyon Bicycles as our shop sponsor this year. Canyon is offering discounts on products and service, so we highly encourage team members to frequent the shop and support them with any purchases you make. Canyon will post team-only deals from time to time on our Facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled.

Is this the right team for me?

Are you a laid-back person? Do you like to compete, but realize there may be more important things in life than a candy bar preem? Do you like to socialize with, learn from, and mentor a great group of guys? We race hard, train hard, but have fun along the way. Our team ranges from guys just getting started with racing, Cat 4’s and Cat 3’s. Some guys race MTB, some crits, some stage races, some CX, and some just come out to the group rides. There’s no pressure at all to race.

OK, but how much $ do you want to join?

Just buy some gear! In an effort to be fully transparent, we mark up our jersey and bibs $5 each. This goes to help pay for some of the costs of the team. However, all of the other pieces of gear are priced at our cost. You are getting the best deal possible on DNA’s top of the line BioFit products. Ask anyone who’s ridden in BioFit. It’s simply the best cycling gear out there.

Jersey v2 2015


Bibs 2015

2015 Gear

  • Jerseys
  • Bibs
  • Custom arm warmers
  • Custom knee warmers
  • Duo jacket (a jacket with sleeves that zip off to become a vest)
  • Summer gloves
  • Winter booties
  • Premier Credit Hat
  • Premier Credit T shirt
  • Premier Credit hoodie

The more people that sign up, the better the discount on gear, so get your buddies to sign up so we all get the benefit of a bigger discount!

Jacket and other items



Signup Deadline

Deadline to sign up and purchase gear will be Monday, December 15th. We may open the store up for a second round of orders some time next year, but keep in mind that there is a 10 item minimum on any particular item, so if you’re on the fence we’d suggest ordering this go-round.

As an added incentive, those that sign up for the team will be entered into a drawing for a FREE bike fit at Precision Bike Fit, graciously donated by the fit master himself, Jeff Sherrod.

How do I get the gear?

Easy, just go to our DNA team site and order away!

Once the order period closes on December 15th, it’s usually a 6-8 week period until the kits are delivered. Kits will be picked up at the Canyon Bicycles Draper location.

Thanks for your interest! We hope you consider joining us for this upcoming season. We’d love to have you on the team.